Attorney Kim L. Duell
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Customer Testimonials

I first met Kim when I was at a very stressful time in my life.  I found myself needing an attorney to represent me in a very difficult and emotional divorce.  I've never been in a situation that I needed attorney representation before and had no idea what to expect.  From the moment I met her in her office, she went to work addressing my concerns and misconceptions, helping me to understand what the divorce process was going to be like.  One of the attributes that I respected most about Kim was that she was straight with me about the facts so that there were no surprises later on.  She made the most of the time we worked together, being sensitive to my financials and the time it takes to work through the process.  Kim's personal style made me feel as though I was working with a close friend throughout this very difficult time...and I can't tell you enough how much of a difference that made for me.  That said...when Kim and I met with my ex-wife and her attorney, Kim would take control of the situation in a professional manner, but there was no doubt who she was representing.  Kim is fair, but face it, you want and need someone that is going to look after your best interests. Following my divorce, I still hear from Kim every so often, showing genuine interest in wanting to hear how things are going.  She truly does care about the clients she works with.


Kim has over 30 years of experience and it certainly shows in the court room.  She is well respected by her peers and the judges.  With her knowledge and experience of the law you are certain to receive a positive outcome.  She takes the time to understand your issues and concerns and will relentlessly fight on your behalf.  She is aggressive when required yet sympathetic and understanding as well.  She has a great sense of humor which always helps lighten the mood during difficult times.  I would highly recommend her and I am extremely thankful she was my advocate

Laurie G.

Kim is a thoughtful and caring person. She takes the time to understand your position and where your needs are. She is relentless and will tirelessly fight on your behalf. She understands the personnel in the courtroom and what it takes to get you your best outcome. She will get you your best outcome. I feel blessed to know her and highly recommend her.

Chris M.

Attorney Kim Duell is professional in and out of the courtroom and very knowledgeable when it comes to family law. She was also caring and compassionate to my situation. Her quick wit and humor made it all the more bearable.  She was even available at off times; communicating with me via email after hours or while on vacation!  While hiring an attorney is always expensive, I felt her fees were fair and accurate. I was very comfortable working with Kim (and her assistant) and will definitely turn to her in the future if the need arises


Divorce is one of the most stressful events anyone can endure.  I interviewed three other divorce attorneys before I found and hired Atty Duell.  I never regretted my decision to go with her.  She was thorough, she was intelligent, she was understanding ... she was tough when it called for it and softer when both parties got to a better place.  Divorce is never easy but I believe she certainly helped reduce the pain and did it with integrity.  I was always grateful to have her on my side!

Don T.

Attorney Duell goes above and beyond to represent her clients. She is a compassionate listener, validates your opinion and provides her clients with her recommendation based on the law. She is your strongest advocate during a most vulnerable time in a person's life. I am deeply appreciative of her counsel and advocacy. I have I trusted her with some of the most important decisions and her council has always been excellent.   She is knowledgeable of the courts system she represented me in and advised me on recent case rulings. I remember the first thing she said to me upon meeting her "If I feel I can help you I will".   That is a promise she made and has kept. It is without hesitation that I enthusiastically recommend Attorney Duell.

Laura E.

Kim is a great attorney. She has always been truthful, honest and realistic. She doesn't sugarcoat things and will always let you know best case, worst case and likely scenarios. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again.

Dan D.


In my family court experiences with Attorney Duell, I have found her to be a no-nonsense, practical advocate that provides a real perspective of a case and professionally assess the situation at hand in order to best determine a course of action.  Kim and her staff are extremely responsive, detailed and, thankfully, do not "over-lawyer" a case as some practitioner tend to do.  Kim supplies useful advice and is steadfast in her commitment to her clients.  I fully endorse her !

Mike F.


Attorney Duell has represented me for family court matters.  She is highly professional and an expert in the field of family law.  What I've liked about working with her is that she's honest about different approaches and the pros/cons of each.  She is responsive when I've had questions and has given me advice on how to handle things myself.  She understands what is best for the children within high conflict parenting cases.  In the courtroom, she comes well prepared and represents my case confidently.  I feel much better when I'm in the courtroom with Kim.

Jon S.


  • Atty Kim Duell is a smart, well prepared lawyer. She's experienced and tells it like it is.  She won't take any guff and does her homework.
    She gets it done and won't litigate a case to death. I highly recommend  Kim and her top notch staff (Letitia Decormier ). I would not hesitate to retain her services again if needed.
    ~Carolyn H ~


Attorney Duell (Kim) is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking counsel regarding family issues. Kim was referred to me by a colleague who was going through a divorce and his ex-wife had retained Attorney Duell.  He said that he wished he had her as his counsel.  Although unfortunate for my colleague, I am very grateful for his recommendation. I've been working with Kim for a few years to revise my initial divorce agreement, as life circumstances continue to change in ways that impact my daughter.  She's guided me through very challenging issues with compassion and understanding.  Her years of experience were evident in her ability to navigate the law in a way that protected my daughter's best interests.

Danielle M

This review is late in coming - I went through a divorce about 2 years ago, and it was the most traumatizing time of my life. It was a very difficult divorce, even by difficult divorce standards.

I found Kim Duell to be compassionate and comforting during a time of great turmoil. I had a lot at stake with my divorce, and Kim battled hard to get me in a better situation. She is no pushover by other attorneys, she will stand up for her client 100%!

If you are in a challenging divorce situation and need an empathetic attorney that will walk you through every step of the way, and fight for your side, Kim Duell is the attorney you should go with!

Heidi W.

Kim Duell Is a highly educated, experienced, take-charge attorney. I recently went back to court on matters involving child support,visitation, and college for my children.Attorney Duell proved herself invaluable in all aspects. I only wish I had been referred to her originally. Her knowledge, outstanding leadership abilities, and critical thinking skills make her a first rate divorce attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Kim Duell with complete confidence!!!

Kristine N.