Attorney Kim L. Duell
Attorney, Mediator, Collaborator, Guardian

280 Adams Street

Manchester, CT 06042


Areas of Practice




    Collaborative Law, an exciting, cost effective, avenue for families to create their own solutions through joint problem solving ,without resort to the often toxic avenue of contested litigation.


There are various models of collaborative practice, which can include collaboratively trained lawyers, mental health professionals, child development experts and financial professionals, as part of the team created to resolve the unique issues facing each family.

This work occurs inside a transparent, cooperative process, which supports the needs of each, by providing support and advocacy for their goals in a respectful way.

One of the benefits of this process is substantially improved communication skills, which each party takes with them into the future interactions.


Collaborative Law  often utilized in other arenas, where on going relationships are involved, such as a business disputes, other family disagreements, or neighborhood issues.


Kim has extensive experience and participates in ongoing advanced training in collaborative practice.



     Mediation: A long established alternative method of resolving conflicts within families facing divorce, parenting issues and post divorce conflicts.

There are many variations of mediation available to those seeking a mediator, and Kim has many tools in her mediation toolbox for supporting participants in resolving impasse in a variety of settings, which she has expertly employed in her work with mediating families for over thirty years.



     Litigation: Kim has decades of experience navigating the state's family courts with knowledge and focus. When that need arises, she expertly provides the court with the witnesses, evidence, arguments and law needed to resolve the matter, as effectively as possible for her clients.



   Advocacy for children:  Guardian Ad Litem and Attorney for Minor children, in the most challenging of custody disputes. Kim has  extensive  experience and training as a guardian, and is a well known and well respected advocate for children and families.